Little Red Ridinghood's Magical Adventure

Grandma is sick! Sprinkles Ridinghood must go and help her.  

*First Sprinkles packs a special gift for Grandma.

*With the help of the children, she bakes grandma some cookies, finds their special book that they like to read together, gets her a special balloon, and makes her a card... then she is ready to head to Grandma's house... 

*While on the way Sprinkles and the children will ...Pick a magical flower for Grandma, help a caterpillar become a butterfly, and find a clown to make Grandma laugh.  

*At Grandma‚Äôs they meet the wolf (who is picked from one of the audience children).  The wolf eventually tries to catch Sprinkles Ridinghood. 

*She hides in the closet (grandma is there too). We magically light up the closet and Sprinkles sees Grandma.  Sprinkles and Grandma call the wood cutter for help. He comes to the rescue!

*Now that Sprinkles is safe, she shows Grandma the gifts she and the children have made and the special surprise gift.  

*We all live happily Ever after.  

This is a fun interactive show where the children are able to help with many of the tricks. They warn Sprinkles Ridinghood to watch out for the wolf.  One of the children will get to be the hero and chase away the wolf!  This show is awesomely suited for Libraries, daycares and schools. 

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This show has been performed at Libraries, events, elementary schools and playschools! Be sure to ask Sprinkles about performing at your next large event!