Birthday Parties

Want a great party for your child! Balloon animals! Puppets! Magic! FUN! A party that all the kids will enjoy! Book Sprinkles today!

Sprinkles is a children's entertainer who has been working with children for over 20 years. Her birthday package includes 

a 30 minute fun interactive clown show with magic, puppets, silly clown skits and more and then Balloon twisting for the children at the party.

*** Time required for a party is Minimum 1 hour, that is for UP TO 12 children. 13-20 children will be charged for 1.5 hours because of the time it takes to twist balloons for them.***

The cost for birthday parties are $125/hour plus mileage outside of Martensville, or Saskatoon.

Your Party!

To make your party run as smooth as possible, here are some things we can both do to make your child's day very special for them!

  1. Please contact me 1 week before your party to confirm the party is still going on as planned. if there are any changes before then please feel free to contact me about the changes so I can accomodate them.
  2. As the clown please have me arrive about 15 minutes after the guests so that any late comers do not miss the fun show!
  3. I will need a small table or bench to put my tricks onto. IF you do not have one please let me know so I can bring my own.
  4. Your show will be approximately 30 minutes in length for a clown show and balloons will be twisted for about 30 minutes as well.
  5. During the show please have a few adults on hand so as the clown I can bring “fun” and the parents can be crowd control. I don’t want to break character of a fun clown by telling an overly excited child to sit down constantly. 
  6. Each child will leave with at least 1 balloon animal. If time I will make 2 for them.
  7. This is supposed to be a FUN day for your child and the children. During the show I may ask for help for certain tricks. IF you have anyone who is shy or does not want to be called on please feel free to let me know.
  8. If there are children under the age of 3 I will make a balloon for them BUT will give it to the parent who may choose what to do with it. Balloons are a SONIC BOOM. IF they explode they are a HUGE CHOKE HAZARD. Parents ARE RESPONSIBLE for their child.
  9. payment is required before I leave your house. No down payment is needed.