The Prodigal Son 

Prodigal son

a. He loves me/loves me not flower

- He loves me flower

b. Listening heart a heart that loves God will listen for Him to talk to us.

- Heart on a string

c. Story of the Prodigal son. I use balloons have
have 4 kids help me spell important words in the story. 


d. God can restore our heart...I move onto a trick about how God loves us and can make our hearts whole again even when we feel alone or sad 

– heart restore 

e. Puppets retell the story of the Prodigal son

- Ventriloquism Story

f. Jesus love will make us happy inside and out 

- Clown trick

g. Jesus is the King of our hearts-

- King of Hearts trick


If booking for a program , just a few things to know. 

Your Program!

Using Gospel illusions and puppets is a unique way I will be bring the gospel message to children and adults. I am honoured you have chosen me to share Christ with your group. Now what can you we both do to make sure this day will go as smoothly as possible?

  1. Please contact me about 1 week before the date to ensure that the program is still going as planned. If there is a change, please feel free to contact me as soon as the change happens.
  2. As the clown I will arrive about 10 minutes before the time required to make sure I have a few minutes to set up for the Gospel presentation.
  3. I will need a small table or bench to put my lessons onto. IF you do not have one please let me know so I can bring my own.
  4. Your show will be approximately 30-45 minutes in length. If the program requires, I will take time to twist balloons for the kids after the presentation.
  5. During the presentation please have a few adults on hand so as the clown I can bring “fun” and the adults can be crowd control. I don’t want to break character of a fun clown by telling a child to sit down.
  6. Each child will leave with at least 1 balloon animal if balloons are part of your program
  7. If there are children under the age of 3 I will make a balloon for them BUT will give it to the parent. Balloons are a SONIC BOOM. IF they explode they are a HUGE CHOKE HAZARD. Parents ARE RESPONSIBLE for their child.
  8. The payment will be payable when the show is complete. Please contact me for rates.